How Do I Repair Brakes on My Truck?


Your brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety feature, which is why it’s critical to keep your brakes in strong working condition—not spongy, not slow, and not squeaky. So, how do you know if you need to replace brakes or any brake system components? The truth is it’s not always obvious… for an obvious reason. Your brakes are designed to wear out gradually, so you have time to take your car in for brake service or a brake repair, before your brakes fail entirely. Read on for more information about car brake repair and what to watch out for when it’s time to replace brakes.

Truck Brake System Components that May Need Brake Repair or Brake Service

Most modern vehicles have brake wear sensors to tell you it’s time for brake service or a brake repair. With brake wear sensors, you’ll hear a screeching noise when you brake or as you release your brake, indicating your brakes have reached the end of their lifecycle. However, some vehicles do not feature brake wear sensors, so being mindful of squeaks and squeals from your brakes is still important, and any unusual noises should never be ignored. If you hear grinding noises, that usually means your brake pads have worn away completely, and you’re hearing metal on metal—beyond time for brake service! Other signs of necessary brake repair are brake pedal pulsations, increased stopping distances, and a brake pedal that stops closer to the floor than it did before.


Brake Failures & Fading Call for a Brake Inspection to Identify Necessary Brake Service

Often, you can determine if you need a brake repair or brake service with a self-performed brake inspection. First check the condition and tightness of the air compressor drive belt. It should be in good condition. Then, park on level ground and chock the wheels to prevent your truck from moving. Release the parking brakes, so you can move the slack adjusters. If a slack adjuster moves more than about one inch where the push rod attaches to it, it probably needs adjustment. Next, your brake drums must not have cracks longer than half the width of the friction area. Linings should not be loose, soaked with oil or grease, and must not be dangerously thin (less than ¼ inch). The air hoses connected to the brake chambers should not be cut or worn due to rubbing.

We’re a Truck Shop Specializing in Brake Inspection, Brake Service & Brake Repair

Because brakes don’t fail overnight, it isn’t always easy to know when your brakes have reached the point where they are dangerous. That’s why it’s so important to have your brakes checked regularly and to take care of any brake service or brake repair you need sooner rather than later. If it’s time to replace brakes or any braking system components, make sure you go to a reputable auto repair shop that uses quality parts. You can trust our mechanics to keep your brakes in excellent condition, so you can drive with confidence.